Assessment and consultation

On 1 April the single new council for North Yorkshire launched replacing Scarborough Borough Council and other local authorites in North Yorkshire.

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To help to understand whether our services are meeting everyone's needs and that people who need our services have access to them, we will carry out Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs).  The purpose of doing an EIA is to ensure that the council’s decisions and activities do not disadvantage different groups in our community, enabling us to deliver an equitable service for everyone.

Equality Impact Assessments will be carried out on all new policies and functions as they are developed and over time on all other existing policies, functions and services. All of the protected characteristics will be considered  including race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age and religion/belief.
Once an Equality Impact Assessment has been carried out, we will need to consider what changes needs to undertaken within the policy to reflect the findings from the assessment.
A summary of the results will be published on our website and will be reported as part of the annual reviews of our Equality Scheme. The results will be made available in alternative formats on request.

The council will conduct Equality Impact Assessments for all new and existing major policies, services and projects.  

Completed Equality Impact Assessments

The results and summaries of  the Council's Equality Impact Assessments will be published here upon completion.

Completed Equalities Impact Assessments have been categorised by themes or service areas:


Impact Assessment Date
Car Parking February 2010
Procurement March 2010
Concessionary Fares March 2010
Corporate Consultation October 2010
Local Land Charges March 2011

Human resources

Impact Assessment Date
Recruitment and Selection  January 2008
Learning and Development Strategy  December 2008
Dispute Resolution Procedures December 2009
Organisational Health Strategy January 2011
Restructuring and Redundancy Proposals January 2011
Flexible Working/Leave Arrangements June 2011
Prevention of Illegal Working August 2011
Bullying and Harassment Procedures August 2011


Leisure, Tourism and Harbours

Impact Assessment Date
 Ports Strategy    January 2008
 Sport and Leisure Services   November 2009
 Spa Services, inc. catering and events   November 2009
 Visitor Services   November 2009


Housing and Homelessness

Impact Assessment Date
 North Yorkshire Homelessness Strategy    July 2009
 Home Improvement Agency   June 2010


Environmental Health, Protection and Licensing

Impact Assessment Date
Gambling Policy October 2018
Licensing Policy October 2018
Licensing Policy - amendments 2010  January 2010
Environmental Regulation   May 2010
Licensing Services  October 2009
Food and occupational Safety  October 2009


Benefits and Revenues

Impact Assessment Date
Benefits October 2015
Benefits Take up  February 2008
Benefits   June 2010
Income and Recoveries    July 2010
Local Taxation    July 2010


Street Cleansing and Waste & Recycling Collection

Impact Assessment Date
 Refuse Collection and Recycling    November 2009


Democratic and Elections

Impact Assessment Date
Electoral Registration    June 2008
Scrutiny   September 2010


Sustainable and Safer Communities

Impact Assessment Date
Area Forum   January 2008
Sustainable Community Strategy   April 2010
Safer Communities   May 2010

We welcome feedback on our programme of EIAs and the EIAs we have undertaken.