Community asset transfer - 7 Market Way (The Base)

Asset 7 Market Way (The Base)
Organisation Applying Castle Community Network
Date of Application 20th February 2013
Brief Outline of Proposal Community accessible office and activity space.

Since 2005 we have provided a number of services to the Castle Ward area population, including basic I.T. training, arts and crafts activities, a base for the Growing Opportunities (locally produced food) project, a community newsletter and drop-in centre for office facilities. This has all been provided for several years in our office in 9 Market Vaults, a space which has become too small. We would like to extend the range of benefits to local residents by offering more activities such as:

  • Facilitating an integrated community network for the area’s social enterprise, community and voluntary sectors
  • Undertaking community needs assessments l shop front focal point for community information and support
  • Improving digital access, particularly at a time when access to benefits is going to be more focused online.
  • Offering a ‘hot desking’ facility so that people with ideas for business start-ups have access to business facilities at very low rates.
  • Extra office space would mean that one to one confidential counselling sessions on a range of issues could be established, which is not possible in our present location.
  • The premises will be made available for small community and other groups at a very low cost.