Climate Change Strategy

On 1 April the single new council for North Yorkshire launched replacing Scarborough Borough Council and other local authorites in North Yorkshire.

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Climate change is widely regarded as one of the greatest threats to our future way of life.

The greenhouse gases released in association with almost every aspect of modern life have caused an unprecedented rapid warming of the atmosphere.

Rising sea levels, stronger storms, and more potent heatwaves are just some of the harmful impacts that are brought by climate change and they will only get worse if action is not taken to limit the amount release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Thankfully there is action that can be taken by everyone, including governments, councils, companies and individuals to turn the tide.

In 2019 we became one of the first councils in the country to declare a Climate Emergency.

We made a pledge to do everything within our power to make the borough of Scarborough carbon neutral by 2030 and to encourage others to join us in this commitment.

Electric car

This year, following months of work behind the scenes, we produced our Climate Change Strategy laying out how we, and the unitary authority that will take over in 2023, can work towards the goal of carbon neutrality.

The strategy sets a number of aims and aspirations that seek to embed green thinking in every decision, policy and action we take.

It includes a commitment to provide much-needed Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points throughout the borough, including in the council’s car parks.

We will also look to move our fleet of vehicles over to their electric or hydrogen powered alternatives where appropriate.

We have already made the switch to a 100% green energy tariff for our electricity to make this energy use carbon neutral.

The full strategy can be found below and visit the COP26 website to find out more about changes we can all be making to help reduce our own carbon footprint.

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Together for our planet