Dog breeding licence

If you breed dogs for commercial purposes you will require a licence issued by the Licensing Authority.

A breeding establishment for dogs is defined as:
Any premises which carries on a business of breeding dogs for sale

View the licensing register to see a list of licence holders. Downloada

Matters for consideration

In deciding whether or not to grant a licence the Licensing Authority must have regard to the following matters:
  • that the dogs will at all times be kept in accommodation suitable as respects construction, size of quarters, number of occupants, exercising facilities, temperature, lighting, ventilation and cleanliness
  • that the dogs will be adequately supplied with suitable food, drink and bedding material, adequately exercised and visited at suitable intervals
  • that all reasonable precautions will be taken to prevent and control the spread among dogs of infectious or contagious diseases
  • that appropriate steps will be taken for the protection of the dogs in case of fire or other emergency
  • that all steps will be taken to secure that the dogs will be provided with suitable food, drink and bedding material and adequately exercised when being transported to or from breeding establishments
  • that bitches are not mated if they are less than one year old
  • that bitches do not give birth to more than six litters of puppies each
  • that bitches do not give birth to puppies before the end of the twelve months beginning with the day on which they last gave birth to puppies
  • that accurate records in a form prescribed by regulations are kept at the premises and made available for inspection by authorised officers


Licences operate annually between 1 January and 31 December. Licenses can be applied for part way through the year and in such cases the licence will cover the rest of the year until 31 December. Breeding establishments can only operate once in receipt of a valid licence. Please click on the following icon for an application form
On the death of a licence holder, licences pass to his/her personal representative for a period of three months from the day of his death and then expire.


On granting a licence the Licensing Authority must specify such conditions as appear necessary or expedient to achieve the objectives above as specified in the legislation.
Guidance and model conditions for dog breeding establishments have been issued jointly by:
  • British Veterinary Association
  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
  • Local Government Association
These model conditions have been adopted by Scarborough Borough Council

Disqualification and cancellation

In the case of a successful conviction for offences under this Act, a Court can order the cancellation of the licence and disqualify the convicted person from keeping a Breeding Establishment, and impose imprisonment for a period of three months and fines not exceeding level three, as it sees fit.

Power of entry

Licensing Authority Officers, Veterinary Surgeons or Practitioners authorised in writing by the Licensing Authority may, upon producing such authorisation, enter any licensed Dog Breeding Establishment for purposes of carrying out an inspection.
Persons wilfully obstructing or delaying authorised officers are liable on conviction to a fine of level three.
Power of Entry to premises suspected of operating without a licence may be obtained by applying to a Justice of the Peace for a Warrant to enter that establishment.