Hearing procedures

On 1 April the single new council for North Yorkshire launched replacing Scarborough Borough Council and other local authorites in North Yorkshire.

To find your Councillor or to view minutes, meetings and agendas please visit the North Yorkshire Council website.

It can be necessary to hold a hearing for many reasons, including objections to an application or a review of a licence. 

If this is the case, the application will have to go to a committee hearing, where  Members of Scarborough Borough Council’s Licensing Committee will hear all the facts of the matter and make a decision.

If you are the applicant, licence holder or if you have made an objection to an application you will be notified of any hearings and given the opportunity to attend in person. This is done by sending you a letter and with it a ‘notice’ telling you of the time and place. A second notice is enclosed which you must return confirming your attendance.