Temporary events

On 1 April the single new council for North Yorkshire launched replacing Scarborough Borough Council and other local authorites in North Yorkshire.

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A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) may be submitted to authorise licensable activities for a limited period of time.  Licensable activities which may be authorised by a TEN are:

  • the retail sale of alcohol (at any time);
  • the provision of regulated entertainment (at any time); or
  • the provision of hot food or hot drink (between 11pm and 5am).


Under certain circumstances, entertainment (Plays, Dance, Films, Indoor Sporting Events and Boxing or Wrestling Entertainment) is exempt from regulation.

Entertainment and circumstances where authorisation is not required:

  • Plays – between 0800 and 2300 each day (where attendance is 500 or less);  
  • Dance - between 0800 and 2300 each day (where attendance is 500 or less); 
  • Films - screening of a not for profit film exhibition, held in community premises, between 0800 and 2300 each day (where attendance is 500 or less);
  • Indoor Sporting Events - between 0800 and 2300 each day (where attendance is 1000 or less); and 
  • Boxing or Wrestling – contest/exhibition or display of Greco-Roman wrestling, or freestyle wresting between 0800 and 2300 each day (where attendance is 1000 or less).  

Licensable activities in conjunction with exempt activities, such as sale of alcohol are not exempt, only the specific activities outlined above.  For example, a play between 0800 and 2300 with attendance of less than 500 people would not require a licence but any sales of alcohol taking place during the play would still need to be made under authority of a TEN or a premises licence. 

Please note that a Temporary Event Notice can only authorise licensable activities for events with an attendance of 499 people or less, including staff. 

Notice period

You must give 10 clear working days’ notice of a Temporary Event.

Alternatively, you may submit a ‘late’ TEN giving between nine and five clear working days’ notice. Please note that the day on which the TEN is submitted and the date on which the event begins cannot form part of the notice period.  Submission of late TENs is limited to two per premises per annum. 


You are permitted to submit 50 TENs per calendar year if you are a personal licence holder, and five TENs per calendar year if you are not a personal licence holder. The number of late notices that can be given in any one calendar year is limited to 10 for personal licence holders, and two for non-personal licence holders and these also count towards the total number of TENs you can submit.

No more than 499 people at any one time may be on the premises and the event must last no more than 168 hours with a minimum of 24 hours between events.

You must be 18 years or older to apply for a TEN.

A counter notice may be served by us if permitted limits have been exceeded.



Application, guidance notes or terms and conditions

Apply online >

Processing & timescales

We will give written acknowledgement of the receipt of the TEN before the end of the first working day after it was received.

We will give a copy of the notice to North Yorkshire Police and environmental health no later than the end of the first working day after the day on which the notice was received by us. NOrth Yorkshire Police and Environmental Health have 3 working days beginning the day after they are notified of the TEN in which to submit a representation if they believe the TEN would undermine one of the licensing objectives.

Where an objection is made by the police or environmental health, a public hearing must be held to determine the TEN. The hearing will be held within seven working days following the day after the last date on which an objections maybe be received. The hearing date may be extended beyond seven working days if we consider it is in the public interest to do so.  A decision must be made at least 24 hours before the beginning of the event.

The police or environmental health may modify the TEN with the consent of the premises user. In such a case an objection notice will be deemed to have been withdrawn.

You will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from us by the end of the target period, providing we have received a full application and you have received an acknowledgment from us.
If a counter notice is given in relation to a TEN following receipt of a representation by North Yorkshire Police or Environmental Health, the premises user may appeal against the decision. Appeals must be made to the local Magistrates court within 21 days. An appeal may not be brought later than five working days from the day of the planned event. 



Validity & renewals

A temporary event may last no longer than 168 hours from the start time

The maximum number of events per place within a calendar year is 12


View the public register


Contact us in the first instance

Right of appeal

An applicant aggrieved by the refusal of the Council to grant a licence or by any condition attached to the grant of such a licence may appeal to a Magistrates Court.

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