Community involvement in licensing

Any person or business may make representations on premises licence applications or variations, premises licence reviews, representations in relation to club premises certificates and reviews of club premises certificates.

Making representations

Any person can make representations or comments to the council about applications for new licences, variations or reviews. 

Comments may be positive or negative, but will only be considered relevant by the council if they relate clearly to the licensing objectives. Councils will also reject comments considered to be frivolous (not serious or time-wasting) or if they relate to personal disputes between businesses.

Requesting a review of a licence

You can also call for an existing licence to be reviewed by the council if you have concerns relating to the licensing objectives.


If the council considers your reasons for making representations or calling for a review are relevant, it will arrange a hearing to consider the evidence. You - or someone representing you - will be invited to the hearing to explain your concerns.

Representations and requests for the review of a licence must be made in writing. Forms can be obtained from your local council.

If you disagree with the council’s decision following a hearing, you have the right to appeal to the magistrates’ court. Your council will be able to provide further details.