Lettings and sales

Please note all tenancy applications are subject to referencing at a non-refundable fee of £39.50 per applicant with effect from 26 March 2017.

If you are interested in land and property for sale or let then please contact estates@scarborough.gov.uk

Date added
2 weeks 2 hours ago 3 Market Way, Scarborough 3 Market Way, Scarborough
2 weeks 6 hours ago Unit 2 Filey Workshops Unit 2 Filey Workshops
2 weeks 2 hours ago Workshop premises, Eastfield Unit 10, Wareham Road
3 months 9 hours ago Manor Road Nursery, Scarborough Manor Road Nursery
4 months 1 week ago 5 Hanover Road, Scarborough 5 Hanover Road
4 months 1 week ago 12a Hanover Road, Scarborough 12a Hanover Road
4 months 3 weeks ago Loft 12a, West Pier, Scarborough, YO11 1PD Loft 12, West Pier, Scarborough
5 months 2 weeks ago Market units to let Scarborough Indoor Market - Picture courtesy of Jeff Crowe
7 months 3 weeks ago Deck chair hire concessions, Filey Deck chair concession
3 months 2 days ago Former public conveniences, Esplanade, Scarborough Esplanade toilets building