Business development grants

We have established the Business Development Grant Scheme to encourage the formation of new enterprises and stimulate the growth of established small and medium sized businesses in the borough and companies looking to relocate into the area.
The main objective for awarding the grant will be that the project will result in new jobs being created. The grant scheme is delivered in partnership with Yorkshire Coast Business Gateway who can provide free business advice and support in preparing and submitting an application.

Business start-up grants

Start-up grants are targeted at new start-ups and companies less than 18 months old. Applications can be made for assistance towards the cost of necessary equipment and machinery (excluding vehicles and revenue items), the extension, adaptation or improvement of facilities within the premises and marketing, where it forms part of a promotional programme which is likely to lead to new jobs. The maximum amount of grant assistance is up to £1,000 to any one concern in any one year.

Business expansion grants

Expansion grants are aimed at assisting both existing businesses in the borough who may be looking to strengthen their market position or expand into new markets, and new businesses attracted into the area. The grant is primarily targeted at revenue schemes rather than capital projects, and will be based on a specific need being identified through the development of business plan. The maximum amount of grant assistance is up to £5,000 to any one concern in any one year.


  • You may only apply for assistance under either the Business Start-Up or Business Expansion scheme
  • The following businesses are ineligible to apply for grant aid assistance: retail (including online retailers), holiday accommodations, estate agents, personal services (i.e. hairdressers, beauticians, handymen & gardeners etc) and restaurants & cafes
  • Any grant awarded will be for 50% of expenditure within the limits of the grant amount. E.g. If you are awarded a grant of £500, you would need to spend £1000 to claim back the £500 grant
  • Grants are claimed back retrospectively by submitting receipts/invoices and copy bank statements detailing the eligible expenditure
  • Grants are awarded at the absolute discretion of Scarborough Borough Council
For full details of the eligbility criteria and a list of the conditions for this grant scheme, please refer to the application form below or contact the Economic Development Unit on 01723 232325 if you are unsure if you will be eligible to apply.
We advise all potential applicants to seek the services of a business advisor prior to submitting an application. We have a team of business advisors who will provide intensive pre-start support, and ongoing assistance, which addresses the barriers that prevent individuals from starting or expanding a business. The advisors will help individuals to gain the necessary experience, build confidence and skills and will remain an anchor throughout the process.  Contact 0800 0830402 or email for further information.