Food hygiene and safety advice service

Our food hygiene and safety package is aimed at business owners running catering or retail premises.

It's designed for them to understand what's needed to achieve a rating of five under the Food Standards Agency’s national food hygiene rating scheme.

What we offer

  • An on-site visit delivered by an experienced and qualified Environmental Health Officer. They will give you practical advice appropriate to the size of your business.
  • Advice for your business on how to achieve the highest possible standards. The officer will write this up in a simple and easy to understand report.
  • Include an up to date "Safer Food Better Business" pack and diary for new businesses.

Who is it for?

  • For start-up businesses and newly registered food businesses. Our food hygiene and safety advice service is regarded as essential for people new to food businesses.
  • Existing businesses can also take advantage of our advice service to ensure they maintain their existing rating or improve to a food hygiene rating of five.

How will it help you?

Our advice service can provide you with the following benefits.

  • Save you time by having professional advice tailored to your business.
  • Save you money through receiving advice on appropriate procedures and equipment you need. This is proportionate to the level of your business, avoiding over-spending on compliance.
  • Enhance your chances of receiving or retaining a high (five) food hygiene rating that you can use in your marketing. This gives your business a competitive edge.
  • Give you reassurance from a compliance perspective. It's good for your business and good for your customers.
  • Enable you to put in place the building blocks to grow your business in a sustainable way.

How much does it cost?

Our food hygiene and safety advice service costs a flat rate of £150 (including VAT) for on-site advice meetings.

Please see our Terms and Conditions to find out more about the service.

Please note businesses not recognised by consumers as food businesses, or food manufacturers and wholesalers, who do not come within the remit of the Hygiene Rating Scheme, may still benefit from a visit from one of our officers. If you're unsure, please contact us before purchasing the product, via our form:

Food safety advice request form >