What goes in my bins?

Blue bin

Yes No

Paper / shredded paper 

Glass (but not window glass or pyrex)

Card and cardboard; from cardboard boxes to plain greetings cards (no glitter etc) & corrugated card 

Plastic bottles & the lids

Clean yoghurt pots

Clean margarine or butter tubs

Large plastic ice cream tubs

Plastic fruit punnets and food trays

Clean plastic ready meal trays

Plastic washing tablet containers

Food and drink cans; please rinse cans first

Empty aerosols

Cartons, such as juice cartons and milk cartons

Food waste

Plastic/carrier bags

Black bin bags



Plastics, such as; plastic film, DVD / CD cases, coat hangers, children's toys, garden furniture etc.

Brown bin

Yes No

Grass cuttings



Weeds and bedding plants

Hedge trimmings and prunings less than 1" (25mm) diameter



Fruit and veg peelings

Food waste


Green bin

Use the green bin for non-recyclable household rubbish. 

If you don't have a green bin and use sacks, you may use up to 4 green sacks per collection.