Round review 2020


Bin round review 2020

From mid-November, we're making some changes to our bin collection rounds. 

What changes are we making?

Our team empty nearly 3 million bins each year and with new housing developments being constructed over a vast period of time it has impacted on some of our collection rounds. We now need to redistribute some of this work by changing some collection days in order to operate efficiently for all residents.

How will it affect me?

If you are one of the 13,000 properties effected by this then we will write to you. These letters should arrive in late October/early November, if you do not receive a letter then your collections haven’t changed.

We strongly recommend you put your bins/sacks out for 6:00am as the changes will affect ALL collection times.

When will the changes take place?

We are planning on the new collection dates taking effect from Mid-November.

How often will these changes last?

We expect these to last in excess of five years before we need to re visit this.

During the changes I am going to have to wait longer between collections, what support is available?


You may temporarily have a longer gap between your blue bin/sack collections, If you have to wait 3 or more days please put your recycling out in a cardboard box – don’t use black sacks for recycling.

If you have to wait longer between your blue bin/sack collections, then we will deliver a supply of blue sacks for you to use in addition to your blue bin. These should arrive by early November.

General Waste

You may temporarily have a longer gap between your green bin/sack collections. If this happens, we will collect a reasonable amount of excess non-recyclable rubbish. Place this out for collection in black sacks.

If you have to wait 7 or more days between your green bin/sack collections, then we will be operating an additional collection. If you are affected by this it will be shown on the letter you received.

Why are you doing this now?

We’re working hard to deliver these changes with as little disruption as possible and are implementing this now, hopefully, in advance of the worst of the winter weather and the usual Christmas changes.