Garden waste service - terms and conditions

We reserve the right to modify any Terms and Conditions of the Garden Waste Subscription Service. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to affect, nor will affect, a customer's statutory rights.


By subscribing to our garden waste collection service you permit your details to be added to our customer database to enable collections to take place and ensure only subscribers receive collections.

Moving properties

If you move house within the Borough then you can take your subscription with you, to arrange this please contact our Customer First centre, your account will be moved free of charge. If you need a sticker for your bin or if you need a bin at your new property they can order one for you. If you are a sack customer we will move your account and you are free to take your sacks and use them at the new address. Please allow five working days for collections to take place.


All payments will be taken through a secure payment system at time of subscribing and a receipt will be issued by email.


Collections take place on a fortnightly basis, in the event of extreme weather or a situation outside of our control; collections may be delayed or cancelled.

You will receive a sticker to go on your bin which will arrive in the post and must be attached to your bin to enable our collection staff to identify that you have subscribed. If you use SBC Garden Waste sacks then you will not receive a sticker.

It can take up to five working days for your address to be added to our collection schedule and up to ten working days for your sticker to arrive. Both of these steps need to take place prior to you receiving a collection of your garden waste. Therefore we recommend signing up well in advance of the start of each season.

It is important that only the correct items are put in your garden waste, key information is on the sticker - further information is on our website. If you put the wrong items in, then your garden waste may not be collected, this material will need to be removed prior to your next collection.

If you forget to put your bin out or are on holiday we cannot return for your bin. In the unlikely event that your bin is missed by our collection crews please contact Customer First by phone or report it online - and we will use the vehicles on-board CCTV to investigate why your bin was missed if it was correctly placed out.


If you change your mind then providing this is within seven days of subscribing, you are entitled to a full refund. If it is after seven days we will not be able to refund your subscription.

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