Holiday let refuse collection

Under the Environmental Protection Act (1990), all businesses (including those operating from home), have a legal responsibility to safely contain and dispose of any waste produced as a result of their business. This legal responsibility now extends to holiday let properties.

You have a number of options available to you for the collection and disposal of your commercial waste. All prices are exempt from VAT.  

Option 1 - SBC standard collection

£189 for the year (April to March)

This is the standard residential service of alternate refuse and recycling collections.

Option 2 - SBC commercial waste collection

Please contact our Commercial Waste team on 01723 232323 for a quote.

Option 3 - commercial waste collection from an alternative supplier

Let us know what arrangements you've made by uploading a copy of your waste transfer note. 

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Why am I being charged for the collection of waste from my holiday let?

Under the Environmental Protection Act (1990), all businesses (including those operating from home), have a legal responsibility to safely contain and dispose of any waste produced as a result of their business. This legal responsibility extends to holiday let properties, such as your own.

I qualify for Small Business Rate Relief. Does this mean I am exempt from the charge?

No, the introduced collection charge applies to all businesses.

The property is owned and used by a registered charity will I still have to pay?

Registered charities are exempt on provision of your charity number.  Please contact our Commercial Waste Team on 01723 232323 to provide this information.

I only operate my property seasonally?

The charge for our Standard Collection’ is a fixed annual charge, however, if your property is only available for letting for a part of the year, you can request a seasonal Commercial Waste Collection Service. Contact our Commercial Waste Team on 01723 232323 for more information or to request a personalised quote. Please note that the seasonal Commercial Waste service is only available to businesses that let, and advertise their property to let, on a seasonal basis.

I don’t produce much waste; do I need to pay this charge?

 All businesses, regardless of their size or the volume of waste they produce, are required to have a valid agreement in place with a licenced service provider. There are no exemptions from the legal duty, based on smaller quantities of waste being produced.

I have more than one business property will I still have to pay?

If you have a number of holiday lets or business premises that are adjacent to each other the Council will need to consider your case.  Please contact our Commercial Waste Team on 01723 232323 and your case will be reviewed.

What if I don’t want to pay?

Business owners have a legal duty to ensure that their waste is disposed of via a licensed waste carrier, and this is a chargeable service. By not complying with this, you are at risk of a fixed penalty notice of £300. The Council will request evidence of your collection and disposal arrangements for your business waste. This evidence is a Waste Transfer Note, which is issued by a licensed waste carrier who makes collections on your behalf. If an agreement is not established with SBC and we do not receive evidence of your alternative arrangements your bins will be removed and you will be at risk of penalty charges.

What are my other options?

If you do not wish to use the Council’s Standard Collection service, the following options are available:

  • Use of the Commercial Waste service that we provide, offering collections of bags through to industrial bins. Please contact our friendly Commercial Waste Team on 01723232323 for more information or a personalised quote. Alternatively visit, select option 2  and sign up online or request a bespoke quote.
  • A Commercial Waste agreement with an external service provider, who is appropriately licensed,
  • Use the local Household Waste Recycling Centre to dispose of your business waste yourself.

However, please note that you are required to register as a licensed Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency and you will need to pay for the disposal of the Commercial Waste at the Household Waste Recycling Centre. You will be required to provide us with a copy of your Waste Carriers Licence.

What if I put waste from my holiday let into my own bins – will I still have to pay?

You will still have to pay unless you can provide a Waste Transfer Notice issued by a licensed waste carrier who makes collections on your behalf.

What if I drop waste from my holiday let to the tip – will I still have to pay?

If you prefer to take the waste to the tip you will need to obtain a Waste Transfer note from North Yorkshire County Council and provide this to Scarborough Council each time you go to the tip.  You will also need to ensure that you pay for the waste as the waste has not been produced at a domestic property.

What stops me dumping waste by a litter bin, or using a man with a van?

Fly tipping is a serious offence. If you fly tip, or your waste is collected by an unauthorised waste carrier, and is then subsequently found to be fly tipped, you are still responsible. You could face a heavy fine and a criminal record.

**Please note, If you no longer wish to use the council’s waste services your bins will be removed from the property.**

Why will the council remove my bins if I do not pay for the collection service?

If you do not pay for the removal of your business waste the service which has been previously provided by the council will cease. Under the Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 the council is not obliged to remove business waste without a valid contractual agreement being in place for this chargeable service. The payment of Business Rates does not cover the cost of the waste collection service.

Can I have more than one bin?

Yes, if you require additional bins or a larger sized bin you can opt for our ‘Commercial Waste Service’. You can contact us on 01723 232323 to request a quote or find more information online at

Will my collection day stay the same?

If you choose Option 1, Scarborough Borough Council’s Standard Collection Service , then your collection day will not change. If you feel Option 2, Scarborough Borough Council’s Commercial Waste Service, is more suitable then we may collect rubbish from your holiday let on a different day but we wull try to fit around your preference.

Will there be any disruption to the service at my property?

No, if you opt for our Standard Collection your service will continue as normal. If you choose ‘Option 2- Commercial Waste Collection’ your bins will be replaced with Commercial Bins of your choosing and you will be allocated a collection day which may differ to your current collection day. 

What if I use green and blue sacks?

The charge still applies and if you sign up for the Standard Collection option the service will continue as normal.

What if my bin is stolen, missing or broken?

The property owner is responsible for the safe storage and correct use of the bins that we provide. Bins remain the property of Scarborough Borough Council and any lost or stolen bins are subject to a replacement charge. Replacement bins can be requested online at

What goes in the different coloured bins?

Green bins are for non-recyclable waste from the holiday let.

Blue bins are for recyclable waste - paper, card, glass, plastic bottles and cans. More information about what can and cannot be placed in your blue bin can be found at

Can I get a garden waste bin?

You can apply for a brown waste bin license by visiting the Council’s website on and clicking on the garden waste link from the home page.

Where do the bins get collected from?

Your bins get collected from the boundary between your property and the public highway.

I haven’t or won’t own the property for the full year

If you buy or sell a property part way through a year your charge will be reduced based on the number of months you owned the property. If you pay in full and sell the property then a partial refund may be available on request.

What if my property changes from a holiday let to a residential home or vice versa?

Please contact Customer First on 01723 232323 and select option 2 with details of the changes, and these will be applied to your property as soon as possible. Any charges for waste collection services will be billed or refunded accordingly.  If you have received an invoice, it will be held in abeyance until the change to your property’s status has been amended by the Valuation Office.