Bonfire Night and fireworks


Advice for 2020

With new national restrictions coming into effect from 5 November, Bonfire Night will be very different this year.

If you do celebrate at home, it must only be with members of your household. Please show respect to your community and don't forget to:

Be Covid-19 aware

  • Even at home, continue to wash your hands regularly, for at least 20 seconds

Be safe and sensible

Be a good neighbour

  • Consider telling your neighbours in advance of 5 November so those with pets or young children can be better prepared
  • Be mindful of the time you set off fireworks – some people go to sleep earlier than others!
  • Consider buying less noisy fireworks

Be mindful of nature and the environment

  • For top tips on how to make your celebrations less frightening for animals, go the RSPCA website
  • Check for animals in your garden before starting your celebrations
  • After your celebrations, clear up all debris (once completely safe to do so) and carefully dispose of it in your green bin

Advice for pet owners

The RSPCA has produced advice on how to make your pets feel safer and be able to better cope with the noise of fireworks. They are also running a campaign to change firework regulations to make them safer for animals. Find out more from the RSPCA website.

Advice for event organisers

Any event organiser planning a public fireworks display for 2021 and beyond, should submit an application form to our events team. This will help you to ensure your event is safe and properly assessed. Information about the process and the application form are available from our events page.

Other sources of information