Draft Cultural Strategy for the borough of Scarborough

BEAM consultants have been appointed to develop a new Cultural Strategy for the borough of Scarborough.

The consultation looks to seek views on the draft cultural strategy.
The consultation has come about as a result of our commitment to developing a new Cultural Strategy for the borough as identified in our Corporate Plan ‘Better Borough, Brighter Futures’.
We'd like to know:

  • Have we got the right level of ambition within the strategy?
  • How do you feel about the example projects listed in the draft strategy?
  • Is anything missing?
  • How do you feel about the action plan section (pages 18 to 34)?
  • What are your thoughts on the resource implications of delivery?
  • What’s manageable?
  • Which of these projects should be identified as quick wins/ early projects to prioritise?
  • what should be the timescales?
  • Any thoughts or comments?

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Consultation details

When is the consultation taking place?

11 August 2021 to 26 August 2021

Which audience or groups are being consulted?






  • Residents Panel
  • General Public
  • Parish Councils
  • Stakeholders

How are we consulting?

  • Email invites to Web Surveys
  • Web Survey

Area covered by the consultation?

  • Whole Borough 




Janet Deacon


Scarborough Borough Council

Town Hall

St Nicholas Street


YO11 2HG




How will the results be used?

  • To feed into the Cultural Strategy for the borough of Scarborough.

The findings will be presented to Cabinet. The results will be published in October 2021.