Public consultation on future cemeteries provision in the borough of Scarborough

Our current cemetery sites at Larpool (Whitby), Woodlands (Scarborough) and The Lawns (Filey) are estimated to reach full capacity at different times.

Based on current burial rates and number of available burials plots for each cemetery, it is estimated that Larpool and Woodlands will have reached full capacity in the next four years and Lawns cemetery in the next six years. Dean/Manor Road cemetery has already reached full capacity.

Larpool and Woodlands cemeteries are directly managed by us, Filey Town Council have the lease for and are responsible for managing The Lawns cemetery.

Although the provision of burial land is not a statutory function of a local authority, we have provided such facilities for its residents and the public expectation would be for this to continue.

A number of feasibility studies of potential sites across the 3 main towns (Whitby, Scarborough and Filey) have been undertaken by our contractors, Cemetery Development Services Ltd. (CDSL).  We are seeking your views on the potential sites and welcome you to complete the consultation questionnaire by clicking on the links below for each cemetery site:

Further details on the feasibility studies can be found in the report taken to Cabinet.


When is the consultation taking place?

Start: 26 October 2021 End: 11 January 2022

Which audience or groups are being consulted?





Residents panel

General public

Parish councils

Other Stakeholders – such as North Yorkshire County Council; North Yorks Moors Planning Authority; Sport England and the Environment Agency


Any identified specific parties with interests in sites considered for future cemetery provision (for example, landlords, tenants, and leaseholders)

Councillors – SBC and NYCC

SBC officers, such as Planning Services


How are we consulting?

Email invites to web surveys

Web survey

Email invites to various stakeholders

Area covered by the consultation?

Whole borough


Jonathan Bramley
Scarborough Borough Council, Town Hall, St. Nicholas Street, Scarborough
Telephone: 01723 232506