Hawsker cum Stainsacre Parish Housing Needs Survey 2019

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Scarborough Borough Council’s Rural Housing Enabler is working with Hawsker cum Stainsacre Parish Council to undertake a parish housing needs survey in Hawsker cum Stainsacre Parish. There is concern locally about the lack of affordable housing in rural areas for local people on average incomes resulting in many people having to leave their village to seek accommodation elsewhere. The aim of the survey is to establish whether there is a need for more affordable housing for local people in the parish. If a need is proven, it will help us to determine the number and type of properties that are needed.

Only respondents in housing need are asked to complete the questionnaire, however, should any site for affordable housing come forward as a result of the responses from the survey, then a public consultation open event would be held in the parish for all residents to comment on any proposed scheme.  

The survey period will run for a period of 5 weeks from 5 November 2019 to 9 December 2019.

What is Affordable Housing and Housing Need Surveys?

Affordable Housing is housing that is provided for sale or rent to those whose needs are not met by the market (this can include housing that provides a subsidised route to home ownership).

Housing Needs Surveys are an objective tool principally used to gather factual information on the scale and nature of housing need at the local (community) level. They seek to gain information on the attributes of households seeking accommodation whose requirements are not met by the current housing stock.

Identifying the nature and extent of housing need is the founding block of any scheme that provides homes to meet local housing needs.

When is the consultation taking place?

4 Nov 2019 to 9 December 2019

Audience or groups being consulted?






  • All Residents and Businesses within the parish of Hawsker cum Stainsacre


How we are consulting

  • On-line questionnaire

  • Questionnaire and covering letter delivered to all residents and businesses within the parish of Hawsker cum Stainsacre

  • Posters advertising the survey to be displayed in Hawsker and Stainsacre

  • Press release going out to the Whitby Gazette and radio.


Area covered by the consultation

  • Parish of Hawsker cum Stainsacre


Colin Huby - Scarborough Rural Housing Enabler
Housing Strategy Team
Environmental Services
Town Hall
St Nicholas Street
Scarborough, YO11 2HG

Tel: 01723 232538
Email: colin.huby@scarborough.gov.uk

How will the results be used? 

Following the survey period, a full report on the findings and outcomes of the survey will be presented to Hawsker cum Stainsacre Parish Council and the North York Moors National Park Authority. If a parish affordable housing need is identified from the survey, then the NYMNPA and the Parish Council will make a joint decision to look for a suitable site in the parish in order to meet that need. This normally means conducting a tour around the main settlements within the parish to look at potential sites.

Outcomes of the consultation

Findings of the survey will be posted here in February 2019.

Frequently asked questions

What is affordable housing?

Affordable Housing can be for sale or rent, for those whose needs are not met by the market. Affordable Housing can be any of the following:

Affordable housing for rent: can be a social rent, affordable rent or at least 20% below local market rents. The property is usually owned by a Registered Provider
(otherwise known as a Housing Association).

Starter homes: new dwellings available to purchase by qualifying first-time buyers, starter homes are to be sold at a discount of at least 20% of the market value.

Discounted market sale housing: is that sold at a discount of at least 20% below local market value. Eligibility is determined with regard to local incomes and local
house prices. Provisions should be in place to ensure housing remains at a discount for future eligible households.

Other affordable routes to home ownership: is housing provided for sale that provides a route to ownership for those who could not achieve home ownership
through the market. It includes shared ownership, relevant equity loans, other low cost homes for sale (at a price equivalent to at least 20% below local market value)
and rent to buy (which includes a period of intermediate rent).

There are rules about what happens when the property is sold, including the need to ensure that the property remains as affordable housing and future occupants also have a local connection.

Why is affordable housing needed?

As we know, rural affordable homes are needed because of the current high house prices and low to medium incomes, resulting in many households having to move away from their communities. This can have a detrimental impact on essential services and facilities, including falling school numbers, shop and post office closures.

Who would be able to occupy such housing?

Anyone could apply as long as they meet the local connection criteria and have a combined household income and/or savings below £60,000. You will not be eligible for affordable housing if you can afford to purchase a property on the open market and you cannot own a home when you apply for an affordable property. Some examples of those who may be eligible to apply for such properties could be:

  • Retired people looking for single storey accommodation, i.e bungalows
  • A single person wishing to set up home independently
  • A single person needing to move because of a relationship breakdown
  • Couples with or without children (this is not dependent on the age of the couple or
  • children)
  • Families
  • People currently living in tied accommodation linked to their job but seeking a
  • secure tenancy
  • Those with affordability issues or continuous six month tenancy agreements
  • seeking a more secure tenancy
  • People employed within the parish who commute in to work.
  • Who should complete the housing needs survey?

The survey should be completed by each separate household that needs or may require alternative housing in the near future. For example: A family with grown up children living with them may require two or more homes in the future. If parents want a home for themselves they should complete one form and if adult children want their own home they should complete a form for each of them or one form if they want to share a home.

I am considering selling my property – am I eligible for affordable housing?

Affordable housing is not a solution if you wish to sell a property, for example to downsize, if when the property is sold you are able to buy something smaller outright or with a mortgage.