Budget Consultation 2021/22

The Council’s policy has always been to be as efficient as possible and protect front line services and since 2010 the Council has delivered savings of £21m from its annual revenue budget. Over that same period performance in many areas has increased.

The cost of services provided by the Council is funded from Council Tax income, government grants and locally generated fees and charges. Each year the Council faces movements in core government funding as well as cost pressures. In addition investment in priority areas must be factored into the revenue budget, resulting in annual funding gaps that need to be balanced through the identification of savings. Budgetary savings may be delivered through cost reductions or the achievement of additional income.

For financial planning purposes the Council projects its revenue budget position over a three year period. The projections show that, subject to the levels of funding cuts applied as a result of the Fair Funding Review, savings of £4.930m will need to be identified from the current annual revenue budget to balance the funding gap over the period to 2023/24.

The draft budget report presented to Cabinet on Tuesday 12 January proposes the following for the 2021/22 financial year:

  • Efficiency and savings proposals - £342k (in addition £1,391k was overachieved during the 2019/20 budget setting process as a result of unexpected savings in annual pension fund contributions and delays in the government’s implementation of the Fair Funding Review and business rate baseline reset).
  • Pay and price inflation - £513k (this increase reflects the inflationary allowances across budget heads net of inflationary increases on income targets).
  • Other Budget Pressures - £352k
  • Investment in priority areas (ongoing expenditure) - £500k
  • Covid Contingency - £924k
  • Planned Use of Reserves - £500k
  • A Council Tax freeze - given the economic pressures facing residents in the coming financial year it is proposed that the Council Tax charge for the 2021/22 year be frozen at 2020/21 levels.

The Cabinet report provides additional details of the proposed budget including details of the funding gap projections, council tax setting and the sources of government funding.

We would like your feedback on these proposals before they go for approval in February 2021.  Additional details on the Draft Revenue Budget for 2021/22 are included within the appendix. The document can be accessed by clicking the links as detailed above.

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Consultation details

When is the consultation taking place?

Start: 14 January 2021 to 15 February 2021

Comments received by 1 February 2021 will be included in the Cabinet and Full Council report, comments after that date will only be included in the Full Council report

Which audience or groups are being consulted?






  • Residents Panel
  • General Public
  • Parish Councils
  • Council employees

How are we consulting?

  • Postal Surveys (Residents Panel)
  • Email invites to Web Surveys
  • Web Survey

Area covered by the consultation?

  • Whole Borough



Neil Hughes, Accountancy Manager


Corporate Finance
Scarborough Borough Council

Town Hall

St Nicholas Street


YO11 2HG


01723 232357



How will the results be used?

  • The results will be used to inform the decision taken by the Council on its budget for 2021/22

Outcomes of the Consultation

  • Finding of the survey will be posted here in April 2021