Barriers to Renewable Technologies – Customer Research Consultation

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The government have committed £ billions over the next few years to provide grants for energy efficiency measures in private domestic properties.  Funding is available for homeowners and private sector landlords.  As we move away from the reliance on fossil fuels, this funding could help residents improve their home heating or insulation.  

The council is gauging interest from local residents to help with the planning of future funding streams designed to promote the installation of a variety of energy efficiency measures.  These might include a new renewable heating system to replace an old or inefficient heating systems in your home and solar PV to assist you generate electricity from solar panels.

We are asking residents to help us identify any potential barriers that would prevent them from installing energy efficiency measures including renewable energy systems.  

The information from the questionnaires will be anonymous and be used in a report to help the council decide what sort of energy efficiency funding would be relevant to help local residents in the future.

When is the consultation taking place?

Start: 29th July 2021   End: 31st October 2021

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Residents Panel

General Public

Parish Councils



How are we consulting?

Email invites to Web Surveys

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Area covered by the consultation?

Whole Borough


Lynne Watson