Notification of interest - premises licence

A person with a property interest in a licensed premises may apply to be notified of any change to the register for the premises to which the notice relates.

A person with a property interest has either:

  • a legal interest as freeholder or leaseholder;
  • a mortgage on the premises;
  • a right to occupy the premises;
  • a prescribed interest in the premises;

Once the notice is received, we will register your interest, endorse the notice and return it to you.

You will be notified of any subsequent applications under the Licensing Act 2003, in respect of the premises you have registered an interest.



Application, guidance notes or terms and conditions

Notification of interest form

Processing and timescales

The notification will be processed within 10 working days of receipt.

Validity and renewals

The notification of interest is valid for 12 months.


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