Interim authority notice - premises licence

If a premises licence lapses due to the death, incapacity or insolvency of the licence holder, someone with an interest in the premises or someone connected to the person who previously held the licence, can submit an Interim Authority Notice (IAN).

An IAN must be submitted within 28-days of the date the licence lapsed.

The licence is then reinstated and the person who submitted the notice is then the holder of the licence. An IAN remains in force for a period of three months during which time an application to transfer the licence can be made.



Application, guidance notes or terms and conditions

Apply for an Interim Authority Notice

Processing and timescales

Within 10 working days from receipt of application.

Validity and renewals

The premises licence to which the IAN applies is subject to an annual fee, payable by the licence holder. 

The annual fee is due on the anniversary of the grant of the original premises licence, an invoice shall be raised automatically and sent to the licence holder.


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