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Bin collections - houshold waste

We provide a regular collection of household rubbish from all residential premises within the authority boundaries.


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FAQ (click questions for answers)

What can I put in my recycling bin?

Please refer to the recycling pages of this website for more information.

What time should I put my wheelie bin out for collection?

Refuse collections start from 6am. Please have your bin or sacks ready for collection from this time on the designated collection day.

Where should I put my bin / sack for collection?

Bins and sacks should be left at the property boundary or designated collection point. Please make sure that you don't block the footpath for access by wheelchair and pushchair users.

Can I leave extra refuse next to the bin?

All refuse should be placed in the bin or sacks provided. Please do not leave extra refuse outside the bin, as the extra waste will not be taken. Additional domestic refuse will only be collected following a Bank Holiday and only until the service returns to the normal collection day.

Should the bin lid be closed?

Bin lids should be fully closed in order to avoid the spillage of refuse, injury to operatives / members of the public and damage to the bin during emptying or by strong winds.

Does my collection day change following a Bank Holiday?

Yes. Guidance will be distributed annually during November and December to advise of changes to the normal collection service during Bank Holiday periods.

Can I put heavy objects such as soil or rubble in my bin?

Heavy materials (stone, soil, rubble etc) or hot ashes should not be put inside the bin or sacks. We may not be able to collect your refuse if the bin or sack is too heavy.

Can I leave my bin outside my house throughout the week?

No, please remember to return bins to your own property as soon as possible after collection. Bins left on the highway can cause an obstruction to pedestrians, particularly those with disabilities and the elderly. Obstruction of the highway is an offence under the Highways Act 1980.

What happens if my bin isn’t emptied on the usual day?

Parking obstructions cause problems for our refuse collectors and may result in bins and sacks not being collected on the usual day. Such obstructions may also prevent access for the emergency services.  Please inform Environmental Services of the missed collection so that arrangements can be put in place to ensure your bin is emptied.

Does the Council provide assisted collections for the elderly or infirm?

Yes. The Council will provide assistance, where required, to collect refuse from the elderly or infirm.  Please complete an application form and a member of Environmental Services will contact you to discuss your requirements.

More about bin collections

Within the Scarborough Borough area, the Council operates an Alternate Weekly collection of household waste, whereby the type of waste collected alternates between recyclables and landfill waste. Additionally, on the recyclables collection week the Council collects garden waste.


All residents within the Borough are provided with a green and blue wheeled bin, or sacks (if there is no space to store a bin). A brown bin, or bio-degradable sacks can be purchased for garden waste to be collected. For more information on what we collect, please see our recycling section.


All households are supplied with a blue and green bin, or blue and green sacks if space is restricted. The green bin or sack is for residual waste and the blue bin or sack is for recyclables, including: paper, card, plastic bottles, food and drink cans, and aerosols. Residents can opt to take part in a garden waste collection via a brown bin or the clear biodegradable sacks. 


Household waste and recycling is collected from all domestic properties on an alternate weekly basis.

How is my domestic refuse collected?

The majority of households are provided with a 240 litre green wheelie bin for your non-recyclable waste and a 240 litre blue wheelie bin for your recyclables.  These bins will be collected on alternate weeks from the boundary of your property or a designated collection point.  If a property is not suitable for a wheelie bin (for example, there is not a suitable storage area off the highway), the Council will provide printed green and blue sacks.
If you are on a sack collection, we will only collect waste in the green or blue sacks that we provide. Any waste that is presented, which isn't in these sacks will not be collected and will be treated as Fly Tipped waste, with the necessary enforcement action being taken.
A “Wheel Out” service is available for residents who are unable to take their bins to the boundary of their property or to the designated collection point.
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