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Sports & Leisure Village Development Briefs Consultation

The period for this survey has now ended. The analysis of the survey is now taking place and results will be posted on the website shortly.


The consultation is being undertaken by the Borough Council’s Planning Service in close cooperation with other service areas. It will inform the final version of the 3 Development Briefs, which it is the ultimate intention to adopt as guidance for planning decisions

made in the Council’s role as Local Planning Authority.

Consultation Summary

sports village

The consultation relates to three Consultation Drafts of the Development Briefs that have been prepared to guide the future development of the Council owned Weaponness Valley, Filey Road Sports Centre and Seamer Road Football Ground sites. They are part of a Council led project, the aim of which is to provide a new football ground and new sports and leisure village for the town.


Following the outcome of commissioned studies and consultation events undertaken between 2007 and 2009, the Council propose to develop a new single site football ground and multi – use sports and leisure hub on the site of the former Weaponness Park and Ride facility, Ashburn Road, Scarborough The Council propose to work with a private sector partner on the delivery of the project. This will involve an ‘enabling development approach’ whereby a developer will develop Weaponness Valley in exchange for the Seamer Road Football Stadium ‘Seamer Road’ and Filey Road Sports Centre ‘Filey Road’ sites. These would then be developed for alternative uses by the developer in order to recoup costs. When adopted the Development Briefs will establish development principles and parameters, providing clear guidance to developers.


The Briefs can only be given weight when subsequently making planning decisions if they have been subject to a thorough process of consultation with statutory agencies and the local population. The consultation not only seeks views on the planning of the 3 sites, but also the type and range of sport/leisure provision on the Weaponness site.


Consultation Documents
PDF file. Development Briefs Summary Document (PDF 2,459kb)
PDF file. Weaponness Valley Development Brief (PDF 4,412kb)
PDF file. Seamer Road Football Stadium Development Brief (PDF 4,999kb)
PDF file. Filey Road Sport Centre Development Brief (PDF 2,000kb)



Consultation Details

When is the consultation taking place?                      Start:  13/06/2011                
End:    08/08/2011
Which audience or groups are being consulted?  
  • General Public

  • Statutory Consultees

  • Sports Groups

  • Parish Councils

  • Town Team/Urban Space Group

  • Local schools / colleges

How are we consulting?
  • Direct mailing

  • Email invites to Web Survey

  • Web / On-line Survey

  • Public Exhibitions

  • Meetings with Town Team

Area covered by the consultation?
  • Whole Borough

Contact Details


Hugh Smith

Daniel Hamer

Matt Diamond


Town Hall

St. Nicholas Street


YO11 2HG

Telephone:      01723 383642 / 01723 384405

How will the results be used?

  • The results will inform the final version of the Briefs which will be considered by Planning & Development Committee and Cabinet before a decision is made by Full Council to adopt the Briefs.

Outcomes of the Consultation

  • It is currently proposed the findings of the consultations will be posted here in September 2011.

Related Information

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