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Planning Application Forms

Applications for planning permission need to be submitted using the national Standard Planning Application Forms (1APP). These forms are available for the electronic submission of planning applications online at the Planning Portal.


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Scarborough Borough Council encourage online
applications which include the following benefits:
  • no printing and postage costs
  • 24 hours a day service
  • ability to create an electronic location plan
  • add any attachments to your submission calculate the fee online
1APP in its online form will intelligently determine the type(s) of planning permission needed and combine all relevant questions into one form. You can create and submit a complete application or submit the form online and send any accompanying documents or drawings by post.  Useful tools such as the fee calculator and site location plan generator are also available from the Planning Portal.

National and Local Validation Criteria
Each type of planning application has its own requirements for submission (validation criteria). These criteria are used alongside the national application forms to validate applications, and have been agreed by a partnership of North Yorkshire Planning Authorities as well as Scarborough Borough Council. 
You can view the National and Local Validation Criteria for each application type on our web pages.  Scarborough Borough Council's Validation Requirements document is also available to view or download from the validation criteria page.

Planning Application Forms to Download


If you decide you do not wish to submit an electronic application via the Planning Portal the links below allow you to download PDF versions of the application forms. 


Please note If submitting more than one application type, only one form will be necessary if completed online, however if you wish to submit in paper format an application form for each type of application will be required.


Householder Applications


  • Householder Consent Form
    Use this form for applications to extend or alter an existing house (if your property is a flat you will need to use the Full application form) - including dormer windows, conservatories, outbuildings and garages, fences and walls, porches, satellite dishes, replacement windows and vehicular accesses.
  • Additional information on this application type is available from the Planning Portal

Householder Permitted Development Enquiry Form (Do I Need Planning Permission?)


If you are unsure whether alterations to your home needs planning permission you can fill in the

Do I need planning permission? form (There is a fee of £25.00 for this service). We will then check whether your proposal will need planning permission and advise you accordingly. Advice is also available from the planning portal interactive house and the common projects list.


Please note we no longer give a response about Building Regulations for such enquiries please contact:


North Yorkshire Building Control Partnership

Suite 2

Coxwold House

Easingwold Business Park



YO61 3FB


Telephone - 01347 822703   Fax - 01347 824279


Email -

Non-Householder Planning Applications


  • Application for Planning Permission
    Use this form for non-householder proposals, except if your property is a flat, including changes of use, conversions, extensions or alterations to commercial and industrial premises, new residential development and the renewal of temporary planning permission.
  • Additional information on this application type is available from the Planning Portal








Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas



  • Application for Listed Building Consent 
    Use this form for internal or external alterations to a listed building, demolition or partial demolition of a listed building or demolition of a structure within the curtlilage of a listed building.  If submitting in paper form and the proposal would usually require planning permission, the appropriate application form should also be submitted.  Both applications can be dealt with on one online form.
  • Additional information on this application type is available from the Planning Portal  

Certificates of Lawfulness


  • Application for a Lawful Development Certificate Existing 
    Use this form to apply for a Certificate of Lawful Use where legal confirmation is required to demonstrate that an existing use,  operation or activity which does not have, or did not require planning permission is lawful. It can also be used to obtain legal confirmation that a use or activity in breach of a planning condition is lawful by virtue of the length of time over which it has taken place.
  • Additional information on this application type is available from the Planning Portal    


Prior Notifications







Trees and Hedgerows


  • Application for Tree Works 
    Use this form for an application for proposals to fell or carry out works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and/or notification of proposed works to trees in Conservation Areas (CA).
  • Additional information on this application type is available from the Planning Portal  



Extension of planning permissions 


  • Extension of time for implementation of planning permission 

    This form should be used to extend the time limit on your decision notice. It should also be used if listed building or conservation area consent is associated with the planning permission.


    A successful application will result in a new permission/consent with a new time limit or limits. The original permission will continue to exist whatever the outcome of this application, until the expiry date on the decision notice where development has not started.


    This form should not be used if development has already commenced; either where the original permission has already expired or; where the permission/consent was granted after 1 October 2010. In those cases, a new application would have to be made. In the case of reserved matters, applicants would have to seek a replacement for the outline permission itself, which if successful would create new time limits for the submission of reserved matters and for subsequent implementation.


The fees for this type of application are:

  • Applications in respect of major developments  £575
  • Applications in respect of householder developments  £57
  • Applications in respect of other developments   £195



  • Non-material amendment following grant of planning permission 

    If you have been granted planning permission, you may wish to make small amendments. For example changing a finish or moving a door or window. Where these are non-material, this form can be used to apply. If you are unsure the change you want to make is material please contact

    If an application made on this form is successful, the result will be an amendment to the original planning permission. No new planning permission is created.

    The fees for this type of application are:

  • Householder applications £28.00

  • All other developments £195.00

Application to Modify or Discharge a Section 106 Planning Obligation


This type of application relates to formal requests for a decision by the Council to modify or discharge a planning obligation entered into under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Such an obligation may take the form of a Section 106 agreement or unilateral undertaking. An application can only be made using these forms a minimum of 5 years from the date of the completion of the original planning obligation. It also does not apply to planning obligations completed prior to 10 December 1992.


There is no fee for this application.


Pre-application planning advice


Since 1 April 2010 charges have applied for certain types of pre-application advice please check the link to the guidance notes below and download the form if required. 


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