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Call for 'absent voters' to provide fresh details

A postbox alongside two telephone boxesPeople in the Scarborough borough who traditionally vote by post are being asked to provide a fresh signature to ensure their vote counts in future ballots.


When people initially apply to vote by post, they are required to provide a signature and date of birth.


These are known as personal identifiers which are subsequently checked against the details submitted in a postal voting statement when there is an election to ensure they match.


If the details do not match, the vote cannot be counted.


Because people’s signatures and circumstances can change over time, the Electoral Registration Officer, through councils, ask for updated personal identifiers to be submitted every five years, to ensure the signatures for as many absent voters as possible are refreshed, producing as accurate a record as possible and potentially limiting the number of postal votes that are rejected due to mis-matched identifiers.


Therefore, anyone who has had a postal, proxy or postal proxy since January 2007 will be sent a signature refresh form from Scarborough Borough Council to legally request latest signatures.


Residents are being asked to look out for the form and sign and return it as soon as possible.


If residents have a disability which means they cannot provide a signature or sign in a consistent and distinctive way, they are asked to indicate this on the form and make sure the name and address of their helper is provided.


Residents who longer want to vote by post must respond by ticking the relevant box on the form before returning it.
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